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Buttons - Novelty Rabbits and Mice

The Abbotstone House Collection

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Buttons - Novelty Rabbits and Mice
Buttons - Novelty Rabbits and Mice
Buttons - Novelty Rabbits and Mice

Novelty Rabbits and Mice

Jumpin Around - 4 rabbits in various poses and colours along with tulip style flowers (probably for them to eat!).  These buttons have a shank fastening.

Hop Hop - More rabbits now in this pack of 5.  The buttons are the same design but have different colours, featuring big floppy ears, pink noses and white bobtails.

The "Mice" Girls -  These two cute mice have pink dresses on with a pink flower in their ear and have a slice of cheese each and 2 flowers with a lilac gingham pattern and pink middle.  The mice and cheese have shank fastenings the 2 flowers have 4 holes for sewing. 



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