Do you need a quality high tensile, smooth reliable thread to sew anything you make? If so, then the Mettler threads are great for you.  All of them are suitable for machine or hand sewing.  We are happy to match them to your fabric purchases, just pick a reel onto your order and pop a note on to us ask us to match it.

In stock we have Mettler Seralon, ideal for sewing cotton, synthetics, linen, silk and mixed fibres. One thread for all your creations, including dressmaking, quilting, embroidery and overlocking.  100% polyester, 100 metre length.

We also have Mettler Polysheen Multi which is a multi colour stranded thread perfect for embroidery or where you want something different.  100% polyester suitable for sewing, top stitching, embroidery, quilting, overlocking, etc. 100% polyester  200m reel

Mettler Metallic is another beautiful decorative thread available in a variety of solid colours and also a couple of multi coloured threads.  These are great where you want impact and shine.  100% polyester, 100m reel.

For hand stitching embroidery, cross stitch or other decorative work, we also have a small stock of DMC embroidery thread, a lovely budget lucky dip brand and small packs of multi coloured threads for hand sewing