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Abbotstone House

In years gone by Sunday was known as a day of rest and I can remember my Grandparents only doing the very  necessary jobs such as feeding the cattle before spending the rest of the day resting.  Looking back I can see how important that was for them because as farmers they had very early starts, long days, hard often physical work and often financial worries.  I can remember them being totally physically drained after a hard day on the farm, so Sunday really was important for the body and mind to rest.

Nowadays things are very different, you can shop all the time, emergency services, power stations, drivers, and other industries require 24/7 working.  Whatever time you have away from work I still believe it is important to get some total "me" time away from work, even if its only a few hours to recharge.  This is one of the reasons I  think people are coming back to sewing, knitting and other crafts as its a perfect way to switch off from daily stress, particularly mentally.   I find needlefelting great for days when I've been really challenged or cross over something.  Likewise I like to embroider when my body is tired but my  mind is alert.

It is lovely to chat to customers to hear about what they are making and the joy they receive from doing it, so what's your next project going to be? 


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