Michael Miller Fabric - Button Buds Beige

The Abbotstone House Collection

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Michael Miller Fabric - Button Buds Beige

Born to Sew Button Buds on Beige

Part of the Michael Millers Born to Sew  Collection by Jacqueline Paton.  

Quality 100% cotton ideal for quilting, dressmaking, patchwork, cushion covers and other crafts.

Piece measures approximately 172cm x 110cm

Please note the measurements are approximate and may contain uneven cut edges, particularly if they are the end of the bolt.  There is only one item, once its gone there is no alternative.  This item will also be on sale in the shop.  Should the item be out of stock when you order, the amount will be refunded back to you.

 We would recommend washing at 30°C.  As with all 100% quality cotton, we would recommend washing before use in case of slight shrinkage.