Lampshade Kits

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Lampshade Kits
Lampshade Kits
Lampshade Kits


These kits include professional components that you need including instructions, to make your own drum lampshade with the exception of the fabric covering (this is not included).
The lampshade once complete fits either a pendant or table lamp and will connect with UK and European fittings, they can also be used with USA Harp and Finial fittings.

Each kit contains:-
1 x stick-it back panel
1 x painted utility ring
1 x painted metal ring
1 x lampshade reducer/converter adaptor
1 x roll of double sided tape
1 x finishing tool

You will need:-
Lampshade covering of your choice eg.fabric (the measurements needed for the covering are given at the side of each kit size - ie. covering size).
A clean flat area to work on.
Sharp knife or scissors.
A seam roller is handy if you have one but not essential.


This drum lampshade kit is made in Britain and measures approximately 20cm diameter, 18cm height and can be used as a pendant or table lamp shade once complete.

The size of fabric needed to cover it is approximately 645mm x 220mm


This lampshade kit is as above but measures 30cm in diameter and 21cm in height.

The size of fabric to cover this will be approximately 97cm x 25.5cm


This lampshade kit measures 45cm x 25cm height.  

The approximate size of fabric to cover this lampshade will be 145.4cm  x 29.8cm

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